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Our carbon calculator gives you the freedom to crunch the numbers and show you the estimated CO2 emission for the entire transportation of your shipment, from pickup to final destination - whether it's rail, barge, vessel or a combined transport.

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* All calculations are based on GLEC framework

Unifeeder Group is committed to maintaining and improving a safe & sustainable business


Unifeeder Group has formulated clear policies that serve as guidelines for both employees and business partners.

Unifeeder Group as a vessel operator

On the high seas and in ports there are always health, safety and environmental risks. Unifeeder has formulated clear Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policies that address these risks. The policies reflect Unifeeder Group’s aim to provide stringent health and safety information throughout the organization as well as to partners in the transport industries.
We charter all our vessels, which have to meet the highest standards of safety and classification. The chartering of newer and larger vessels is yielding lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per transported unit.
Onboard, environmental precautions include zinc-free, antifouling paint below the waterline, no storage of fuel in the double bottoms, advanced waste treatment and waste separation systems. Sludge- and waste-handling agreements are in force for all Unifeeder Group vessels in all ports. All vessels in Unifeeder service are governed by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).
We only charter vessels whose owners have entered into collective agreements with the international Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF). The ITF has a number of collective agreements with seafarers which ensure salary levels and working conditions.

Unifeeder Group as a business partner

Unifeeder Group does business in an ethical way. Every manager and sales person has signed a confirmation letter that he/she understands, and will observe and act according to the rules and guidelines in our compliance manual. Moreover, Unifeeder Group has developed a Code of Conduct applicable to all Unifeeder Group employees. Read our Code of Conduct.

Unifeeder Group as an employer

At Unifeeder Group, a talented individual is recognized and rewarded, regardless of his or her gender, age, political orientation, origin, sexual preference or religious belief.
Communication and collaboration across functions and geographic boundaries are encouraged to promote innovativeness and the sharing of knowledge.
All employees are treated with respect and have an equal opportunity to contribute fully to the company’s success based on their individual skills and interests. Unifeeder Group has a zero-tolerance policy against harassment and discriminatory practices.