Unimed Feeder Services


By using EDI in connection with financial transactions, we reduce errors and paperwork and improve access to real time financial data

At Unimed we have been offering our customers EDI invoices for some years but we would like to take a step further and arrange payment via EDI too.


Using EDI in connection with financial transactions reduces errors and paperwork and improves access to real time financial data. Therefore Unimed is offering customers invoices by EDI. The invoice procedure can be setup individually according to agreement with the customer. We are able to offer both separate and deferred/collected invoicing, based on ocean vessels or predefined periods - i.e. daily, weekly or monthly.


To simplify the payment transfer we accept payment via EDI as well.


We trust that our customes, like us, appreciate the benefits of EDI and would like to improve our business relationship. For further details and support please contact the Unimed IT-department (it@unifeeder.com)
Depending on the format and number of adjustments, we expect an implementation time of 2 – 4 weeks per communication process.